Tue Jul 16

What you want and you get !

Getting new kitchen cabinets is an expensive affair. Given the cost involved, one quite rightly wants kitchen cabinets (modular kitchen) to be as per their dreams But often the situation is like below.

Kitchen cabinets
Ohhhhh no!!!

How to avoid surprises (not so good one)

So to get best out of your money, it starts with knowing what one needs. An exploration of one’s tastes, design preferences. What personality and design congruence make you happy. And that exploring should not be a confusing journey of complicated jargon spluttered out by your designer making one look “Oh you don’t know this” So let’s cut the jargon. A short dummied down visual quiz should be able to give you an easy and interesting way to zero down on your preferences. Spending a few minutes to take the design personality quiz may be worthwhile. To help you decide the design style that suits or matches your preferences.

Modern Kitchen cabinet
Whats your design style? Click image to take visual quiz

Hope you enjoyed the quiz and were able to find which design style you connect with most traditional, contemporary, or modern.

Traditional design style

Further to the exploration, we would discuss the traditional design style first in a series of three blogs covering each design style. Know those small design hacks that you can do to transform your interior modular kitchen cabinets into a traditional form. Isn’t the style wonderful?

Modular kitchen
Traditional kitchen

The traditional kitchen is about free form fluidity expression of details in contrast to the modern kitchen/interiors clean, simple geometric lines/patterns. It is about art creation than focus on just the functionality. It lets out expression, curves patterns than geometric to the point.


Beautiful kitchen cabinets shaker
Display your stuff with glass shutters.

Modular kitchens with traditional designs use doors, shutters of glass coupled with decorative lighting to illuminate that treasured heirloom beautiful piece of crockery the cute little bonsai plant or just anything that gives a glimpse of your vibrant personality (books?).


Traditional design kitchen
Elegant faucet in a traditional kitchen

Lacquer, high gloss is a no-no. Replace the shiny stainless steel sink faucet gets

replaced by an ornately detailed faucet. More ornate pendant lights adorn the kitchen Island Natural materials like wood, marble granite is more often used colors.


kitchen cabinets colors
Neutral color tones

Instead of the glossy, shiny, bright hue of a modern kitchen, a traditional kitchen employs soft, muted colors like white, gray, cream.

These key elements will help you shape your dream kitchen. Hope you loved it. Next, we talk about a modern kitchen.