Fri Jun 14

The cost of kitchen depends on the quality/grade you select .The typical grades (base , mid & high) depends on the material,finish,accessories & hardware which has been summarized below

The mid grade is most popular, with upto 90%+

kitchens made of that grade. Hence we chose to focus on pricing for mid grade type.

Now once unit rate is established :

Total Cost = Unit rate X Area of Kitchen

See how area calculated below (only few areas calculated to illustrate the idea)

Total cost = 1500 X 56 = INR 84,000 (assuming INR 1500 per sqft rate)

Negotiating the best price from vendors can be tricky piece. To get the best deals, following tips may come handy:

Finally the best for the end.

Get the lowest quote from vendors and get further price drop or price match from Woodkraft.

Woodkraft Designs offers price match or lower prices , as applicable, on other vendor quotes you bring in.

Before you take the plunge into pricing/vendor , start with understanding your design style preferences with a visual quiz.